Competitive Intelligence

In this course, we looked at  planning and aligning activities with organizational strategies;  searching, collecting and organizing information; and making sense of and analyzing information in ways that support decision making  strategic choices and planning processes.

While this course took the approach that CI is relevant to all type of library settings, I focused on corporate settings due to my previous work experience and my current/future career goals.

Group Project

My group focused on the issue of ethics within competitive intelligence.  There is a fine line between ethical and unethical behavior in CI and we explored this through the issues of misrepresentation, CI vs. corporate espionage, general corporate ethics and case studies.  Please visit our project site.


Final Project
I worked with the PharmaCompliance Officer at a small biotech firm who needed CI about other similarly situated organizations and the makeup of their Compliance departments.  This project included:

  • Determining peer organizations based on employee size, market, and finances.
  • Creating profiles of Compliance Officers, including functional background, education, and where available, salary information.
  • Creating profiles of support staff within the Compliance function.
  • General research into salary and staffing trends in Compliance.

The end result was a personalized report to the PharmaCompliance officer.  For confidentiality reasons, this report is not linked in this ePortfolio; however please feel free to contact me if further information is desired.


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